bugzilla inline history extension

Unlike most bug tracking systems, Bugzilla doesn’t display changes made to fields when it displays the comments.  This has been a often requested feature, and is currently targeted for Bugzilla version 5.0.  For some time the Bugzilla Tweaks Firefox add-on has provided this functionality to bugzilla.mozilla.org, and it’s working well for those who have discovered this add-on.

Using the Tweaks implementation as a guide, I have implemented an Inline History Bugzilla extension:

This extension has just been deployed to BMO and is currently disabled by default.  To enable you have to be logged in, then go your User Preferences, and set When viewing a bug, show all bug activity to on.

Once we’re happy with it it will be enabled by default for all logged-in users.  [Edit: Now enabled by default]

The latest version of Bugzilla Tweaks (v1.11) will detect when this Bugzilla extension is active, and will disable its inline history implementation.  The option to disable the extension will always be available should someone perfer Bugzilla Tweaks’ formatting over the extension’s.

bugzilla tweaks – change of ownership

ownership of the excellent bugzilla tweaks firefox add-on has moved, from ehsan to the bmo team (myself and dkl). the reason is ehsan simply doesn’t have the time to maintain the add-on anymore. i’d like to thank ehsan for producing an excellent add-on, and i’m looking forward to tweaking tweaks.

the goal is to continue to treat the add-on as a platform for experimental features, with an eye to bringing valuable features upstream to land on bmo or in bugzilla itself.

work on implementing inline history on bmo as a bugzilla extension is nearly complete (bug 668506), which should bring tweak’s most noticeable feature to all logged-in bmo users, and also allow other bugzilla instances to deploy the extension onto their site.

some of the other tweaks have already been implemented in bugzilla itself (adding quicksearch terms to header/footer fields, after POSTing redirect to the show_bug page, making the comment box bigger), some will have to stay as a firefox add-on (copy commit comment), and the remaining features will need to be triaged.

the code for tweaks will remain on bitbucket, however issue tracking will move to bmo.