moving from bugzilla to mozreview

for the next couple of quarters (at least) i’ll be shifting my attention full time from bugzilla to mozreview. this switch involves a change of language, frameworks, and of course teams. i’m looking forward to new challenges.

one of the first things i’ve done is sketch out a high level architectural diagram of mozreview and its prime dependencies:

MozReview Architectural Diagram

mozreview exists as an extension to reviewboard, using bugzilla for user authentication, ldap to check commit levels, with autoland pushing commits automatically to try (and to mozilla-central soon).  there’s mecurial extensions on both the client and server to make pushing things easer, and there are plans to perform static analysis with bots.

happy bmo push day!

the following changes have been pushed to : user fields are cleared when navigating back to a page (eg. after an error) : help docs not available for User Preferences : gravatar container for comment 0 can be too wide : Button edges are hard to see at most zoom-levels, with bmo “experimental user interface” : Buttons besides ‘User Story’ overflow if the user story is a one-liner : linkification isn’t applied to the user-story field : Make login UX mobile friendly to assist mobile authentication workflow : BMO login being reset for every browser session : make the TOTP MFA code field type=number on mobile : Release Tracking Report doesn’t return bugs with tracking flags set to — when searching for “not fixed” values : Update crash signatures to match new Socorro signature generation : cannot remove other people from the cc list : Remember expanded/collapsed sections : Always show “never email me about this bug” checkbox : needinfo requests where the current user is the requestee shouldn’t be editable : add support for duo-security

happy bmo push day!

the following changes have been pushed to

  • [1209332] Make the master kick-off bug “Confidential Mozilla Employee Bug” by default
  • [1209971] Suggested reviewers should exclude the current user from the list displayed
  • [1200958] group owners should always be able to view group membership reports for their groups
  • [1196620] support automatic removal of inactive users from groups
  • [1210654] “MozReview Requests” is not shown in the page after submitting a change
  • [1210762] User stories aren’t saved as part of the “remember values as bookmarkable template”
  • [1198519] Add link to bug history page to the top-right drop-down menu
  • [1210246] help link is busted
  • [1210690] Display only commits and only relevant data
  • [1205748] Can’t mark inaccessible bug dependent on a regression it caused
  • [1164063] show a warning near the attachments table for sec-high/sec-crit bugs without sec-approval? on patches
  • [1211750] Changing password with MFA turned on will not work

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