changing the default platform and operating-system on to all / all

bugzilla has a set of fields, “hardware” and “operating system”, that i’ll collectively call “platform” in this post.  their default values are detected from the reporter’s user-agent string when a bug is created.

unfortunately on bmo, the platform fields have two distinctly different meanings: the reporter’s platform and the platform a bug applies to. for too long have these two conflicting meanings coexisted within the same field, leading to confusion and a field that on many bugs is wrong or useless.

thanks to bug 579089 we plan on making the following changes early next week:

  • each product gains the ability to set their default platform
  • the default platform for all products initially will be all / all
  • a “use my platform” action will be added to enter-bug, allowing the bug reporter to quickly change from the product’s default
  • a “from reporter” button will be visible when viewing untriaged bugs, which sets the platform to the reporter’s

happy bmo push day!

the following changes have been pushed to

  • [1152160] “take” button doesn’t update the ui, so it looks like nothing happened
  • [1152163] passing an invalid bug id to the multiple bug format triggers: Can’t call method “name” on an undefined value
  • [1152167] “powered by” logo requests fails: it sets the assignee to dboswell
  • [1150448] Replace the newline with ” – ” when the bug’s id and summary are copied
  • [1152368] BUGZILLA_VERSION in Bugzill::Constants causes error when installing Perl deps for new BMO installation
  • [1090493] Allow ComponentWatching extension to work on either bmo/4.2 or upstream 5.0+
  • [1152662] user story text should wrap
  • [1152818] changing an assignee to or any .bugs address should automatically reset the status from ASSIGNED to NEW
  • [1149406] “project flags” label is visible even if there aren’t any project flags
  • [1031035] xmlrpc can be DoS’d with billion laughs attack
  • [1152118] Shortcut for editing gets triggered even when “ctrl” and “e” are not pressed at the same time
  • [1152360] Add parameter to that generates a cpanfile usable by utilities such as cpanm for installing Perl dependencies
  • [1148490] Custom Budget Request form for FSA program
  • [1154098] Unable to add mentors to bugs
  • [1146767] update relative dates without refreshing the page
  • [1153103] add hooks for legal product disclaimer

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