happy bmo push day!

the following changes have been pushed to bugzilla.mozilla.org:

  • [977981] add the “Preview” mode for attachment comments
  • [977505] Make the dashboard white-on-red counter easier to click
  • [975195] “Your Outstanding Requests” emails don’t include superreview requests
  • [956229] develop a system to track the lifetime of review/feedback/needinfo requests
  • [926962] all tracking flags are visible on the ‘change many bugs at once’ page
  • [977761] Create product and affiliations for Intellego project
  • [978941] grammar issue
  • [916633] join_activity_entries doesn’t reconstitute text with commas correctly.
  • [966180] enable USE_MEMCACHE on most objects
  • [956230] improve instrumentation of bugzilla’s internals
  • [979092] changing timezone breaks MyDashboard
  • [979727] increase the mod_perl sizelimit to 700_000 on production
  • [979411] Fix content-type for woff files
  • [977137] Comment and Preview tabs need accessibility markup
  • [977523] Comment textarea has padding:0
  • [980056] ReferenceError: REVIEW is not defined page.cgi javascipt error when viewing a patch in Splinter
  • [979431] Please rename Talkilla product to Loop and update User Stories extension

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