markup within bugzilla comments

a response i received multiple times following yesterday’s deployment of comment previews on was “wait, bugzilla allows markup within comments now?”. yes, and this has been the case for a very long time.  here’s a list of all the recognised terms on;

  • bug number
    • links to the specified bug, if it exists. the href’s tooltip will contain the information about the bug
    • eg. “bug 40896”
  • attachment number
    • links to the specified attachment, if it exists. the href’s tooltip will contain the information about the attachment
    • adds action buttons for [diff][details][review]
    • eg. “attachment 8374664”
  • comment number
    • links to a comment in the current bug. “comment 0” will link to the bug’s description
    • eg. “comment 12”
  • bug number comment number
    • links to a comment in another bug.
    • eg. “bug 40896 comment 12”
  • email addresses
    • linkified into a mailto: href
    • eg. “”
  • quoted content
    • lines starting with “>” will be treated as quoted text, and will be rendered differently from normal comment text
    • quoted lines will not wrap (click on the “wrap” button to manually wrap quoted text)
    • eg.”> 10 PRINT “HELLO”
  • bp-crash-id
    • links to the crash-stats for the specified crash-id
    • eg. “bp-56630b1a-0913-4b4e-b701-d96452140102”
  • CVE-number or CAN-number
    • links to the cve/can security release information on
    • eg. “CVE-2013-1733”
  • rnumber
    • links to a revision number
    • eg. “r1234”
  • git commit messages
    • links to the revision on
    • see example here (only the last two lines of the commit message are required)
  • hg changesets: repository changeset revision
    • links to the changeset on
    • eg. “mozilla-inbound changeset c7802c9d6eec”

5 thoughts on “markup within bugzilla comments

  1. Wow, the UUID thing sounds pretty bad. We avoid calling this ID anything like that everywhere else, we call it “crash ID” instead. I think we probably should only support the bp-* variant.

    • i’m not surprised; most of those are BMO customisations which date back as far as i can see in our revision history.

      are you able to file a bug about getting UUID linkification removed?

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