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happy bmo push day!

the following changes have been pushed to

  • [897810] Please add flag machine-state to the Release Engineering: Buildduty component
  • [908427] Once tracking flags are migrated, remove any unnecessary code in Bugzilla::Extension::BMO::Data used in the old tracking flags
  • [951020] Nagios bug queue checks should also support paging for a specific component
  • [815026] Bugzilla::Object cache should be cleared when an object is updated or removed from the database
  • [928989] add a new method to ember which just returns current values
  • [951442] Stop including attachments and comments in API response
  • [950743] Navigating to Component Watching responds with a 500 on retrieving userprefs.cgi
  • [951016] X-Bugzilla-Mentors missing from email

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happy bmo push day!

the following changes have been pushed to

  • [947675] Bug id are sorted in wrong order on the dashboard
  • [885148] Commenting via patch details does not clear needinfo flag
  • [946353] Attachments should include can_edit field
  • [948991] Congratulations on having your first patch approved mail should mention which patch it refers to
  • [948961] Add “My Activity” link to account drop down in Mozilla skin
  • [928293] Add number of current reviews in queue on user profile
  • [949291] add link to a wiki page describing comment tagging
  • [946457] Add Ember.attachments API that includes possible flag values
  • [947012] The BIDW teams needs a new “product” on BMO

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comment tagging deployed to bmo

i’ve been working on a bugzilla enhancement which allows you to tag individual comments with arbitrary strings, which was deployed today.

comment tagging features:

automatic collapsing of comments

the bugzilla administrator can configure a list of comment tags which will result in those comments being collapsed by default when a bug is loaded.

this allows obsolete or irrelevant comments to be hidden from the information stream.

comment grouping/threading

bugzilla shows a list of all comment tags in use on the bug, and clicking on a tag will expand those comments while collapsing all others.

this allows for simple threading of comments without diverging significantly from the current bugzilla user interface, api, and schema. you’ll be able to tag all comments relating to the same topic, and remove comments no longer relevant to that thread by removing the tag.

highlighting importing comments

on bugs with a lot of information, it can be time consuming for people not directly involved in the bug to find the relevant comments.  applying comment tags to the right comments assists this, and may negate the need for information to be gathered outside of bugzilla.

for example:

    • tagging a comment with “STR” (steps to reproduce) will help the qa team quickly find the information they need to verify the fix
    • writing a comment summarising a new feature and tagging it with “docs” will help the generation of documentation for mdn or similar

implementation notes

  • the “add tag” input field has an auto-complete drop-down, drawing from existing tags weighted by usage count
  • by default editbugs membership is required to add tags to comments
  • comment tags are not displayed unless you are logged in to bugzilla
  • tags are added and removed via xhr, changes are immediately visible to the changer without refreshing the page
  • tagging comments will not trigger bugmail, nor alter a bug’s last-modified date
  • tags added by other users (or on other tabs) will generally not be visible without a page refresh

happy bmo push day!

the following changes have been pushed to

  • [941104] Default secure group for Mozilla Communities should not be “core-security”
  • [843457] PROJECT environment variable is not honored when mod_perl is enabled
  • [938161] sql_date_format() method for SQLite has an incorrect default format
  • [928057] When custom fields are added, a DBA bug should be created to update metrics permissions
  • [945501] create “Firefox :: Developer Tools: User Stories” component and enable the User Story extension on this component
  • [853509] Bugzilla version not displayed on the index page
  • [929321] create a script to delete all bugs from the database, and generate two dumps (with and without bugs)
  • [781672] fails to check the version of the latest Apache2::SizeLimit release (it throws “Invalid version format (non-numeric data)”)
  • [938300] vers_cmp() incorrectly compares module versions
  • [922226] redirect when attachments contain reviewboard URLs
  • [943636] SQL error in quicksearch API when providing just a bug ID
  • [945799] I cannot change a review from me to someone else
  • [937020] consider hosting mozilla skin fonts on bmo
  • [942029] review suggestions only shows the first mentor
  • [869989] Add X-Bugzilla-Mentors field to bugmail headers and an indication to mentors in bugmail body
  • [942725] add the ability to tag comments with arbitrary tags
  • [905384] Project Kickoff Form: Change Drop Down Options for When do the items need to be ordered by? and Currency Request for Total Cost in Finance Questions

more information about comment tagging can be found in this blog post.

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