[a-team] conversations with face

face is an irc bot i run on the #ateam channel.
its responses are purely random, drawing from past conversations on channel.

[06:16] <Tomcat|sheriffduty> good morning guys
[06:16] <atsai> Good day šŸ™‚
[06:18] <Tomcat|sheriffduty> hi atsai
[06:19] <atsai> Hi
[06:19] <face> atsai, salutations
[06:19] <atsai> hi
[06:19] <face> atsai, hello
[06:19] <atsai> face: how are you doing šŸ™‚
[06:19] * face delegates
[06:22] <rwood> Face, what are you delegating/
[06:22] * face means punch jhammel
[06:22] <rwood> Face, that’s not very nice
[06:22] * face grins
[06:22] <rwood> LOL