bugzilla.mozilla.org integration best practices

an excerpt from https://wiki.mozilla.org/BMO/Integration_Best_Practice

  • Do not poll more frequently than every 5 minutes
    • Seriously, you don’t need to poll every minute
  • Ask for bugs updated since your last poll, or track a bug’s last modified date
    • If your system is polling for bugs, you should ask BMO for bugs updated since your last poll
    • The chfieldfrom argument will accept times as well as dates (eg. “2012-10-08 01:30”)
    • Search results generally return a bug’s last-modified date; there’s no need to re-request the bug if it hasn’t been modified since the last time you saw it
  • Only request the fields that you are interested in
    • By default all APIs return more information than you probably require – use the include_fields parameter to specify the exact fields you need (BzAPI)(XMLRPC/JSONRPC)
    • When searching with BzAPI, avoid specifying non-bold columns if you can avoid it, because it’ll be slower and user server-side resources
  • Coalesce queries where possible
    • If you have multiple bugs, components, etc to query, it can be more efficient issue a single request rather than iterating over your list and issuing multiple requests

2 thoughts on “bugzilla.mozilla.org integration best practices

  1. Thanks for these tips, I was actually going to do such a script. I saw there is a queue system also to avoid polling but it doesn’t seems to work properly right now.
    So I’m going to poll every 10min the way you’ve mentioned for now.

  2. Thank you for these, TBPL breaks a lot of these guidelines, I’ve filed bug 799534 and dependants to sort our act out 🙂

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