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bmo breakage push

today’s push is to address an issue with searching introduced by bug 775726 (fixed in bug 778624).

the following changes have been pushed to

  • [778624] buglist limiting breaks queries which already specify a limit
  • [776806] Further changes to the IT Request Bugzilla form
  • [773764] Changes to Air Mozilla Event (Brownbag) Request Form

[a-team] conversations with face

face is an irc bot i run on the #ateam channel.
its responses are purely random, drawing from past conversations on channel.

14:27 * face developed it on a system with no monitor
14:27 <ted> face: you and jmaher both
14:27 * face is excited to point scrum at someone else for a change
14:28 <ted> face is like some kind of weird amalgamation of everyone in here now, isn’t he?
14:28 * face is losing it
14:28 <wlach> lol
14:28 <mdas> I think so, I said that exact thing last week
14:28 <ahal> face is getting out of control!
14:28 * face hides
14:28 <mdas> lol
14:28 <glob> haha
14:28 <wlach> face: don’t make me turn you off!
14:28 * face files a bug ;)
14:28 <ahal> lol
14:28 <ahal> it always seems to pick remotely appropriate comments
14:29 <mdas> I thought face as just some other irc alias of jhammel
14:29 <mdas> haha
14:29 <ahal> mdas: face is a little too coherent for that
14:29 <ted> haha
14:29 <mdas> hah

happy bmo push day!

the following changes have been pushed to

  • [770855] Permission error pages should instruct users how to get permissions
  • [775003] deploy service-now synchronisation extension (not enabled yet)
  • [776670] Changes to mozlist (Mailing List Request) form for Service Now
  • [772776] add a “visibility group” for the partner-confidential group
  • [775726] Backport search limitinig to bmo/4.0 (search results now limited to 10,000 bugs)
  • [777410] Add colo-trip field to ‘Server Operations: DCOps’

[a-team] conversations with face

face is an irc bot i run on the #ateam channel.
its responses are purely random, drawing from past conversations on channel.

19:07 <mdas> this worked previously
19:08 <mdas> loading chrome:// urls are fine
19:09 * face writes a todo for the week
19:10 <jmaher> mdas: I don’t have any magic answers :(
19:10 <mdas> jmaher: heh, no worries
19:10 <mdas> face is working on the problem. Right face?
19:10 * face looks
19:10 <jmaher> lol
19:10 <mdas> see!
19:10 <jmaher> face: you rawk
19:10 * face not so sure
19:10 <mdas> HA
19:11 <mdas> eerie

happy bmo push day!

the following changes have been pushed to

  • [772994] Add a new header to bug mail called X-Bugzilla-Tracking that shows current tracking flag values
  • [774183] release tracking flag refresh (17)
  • [774528] Add approval-mozilla-esr10 to the release tracking report
  • [775068] product chooser drops cloned_bug_id from the query string, breaking bug cloning
  • [774941] Changes to the IT Request Bugzilla form for Service Now

[a-team] conversations with face

face is an irc bot i run on the #ateam channel.
its responses are purely random, drawing from past conversations on channel.

00:01 * face wanders off in search of reliable internet
00:01 <AutomatedTester> face: good luck
00:01 * face hexes jhammel
00:01 <jgriffin> lol, face is so grouchy
00:02 <jgriffin> bad face!
00:02 <AutomatedTester> face: naughty!
00:02 * face didn’t do anything :)
00:02 <AutomatedTester> LOL
00:03 <jgriffin> ha!
00:03 <AutomatedTester> face: you are like my <2 year old
00:03 * face taunts AutomatedTester with…san-francisco-california-ca.html
00:03 <jgriffin> double LOL
00:03 * AutomatedTester runs of crying!
00:03 <jgriffin> face, someone is going to complain to HR
00:03 * face sighs
00:06 <jgriffin> face, it’s like you’re sitting here in the room with me sometimes
00:06 * face will brb

bugzilla 4.2 – what’s new – searching

a major change between bugzilla 4.0 and bugzilla 4.2 comes in the form of changes to searching. the searching implementation in 4.2 was rewritten from scratch, removing some seriously convoluted code and adding a large amount of test cases.

notable differences include:

search results limiting

search results are initially limited to 500 bugs, with an additional click required to show up to 10,000 bugs.  it is no longer possible to generate a query which results in massive bug lists.

searching via APIs remains unlimited.

changes to relative dates

when using relative dates and times, -1w is now a synonym for -7d and means exactly 7 days.

previously, -1w meant the beginning of the week, which was confusing some users. the same confusion existed for -1d which was different from -24h, and for -1m which was different from -30d. now if you really want the beginning of the day, week or month, you must use -1ds, -1ws, and -1ms respectively, where “s” means “start of”.

this change will affect existing saved searches using relative dates.

improved custom search builder

the custom search builder on the advanced search tab has been improved; it’s now easier and quicker to construct queries.

predictable results

complex queries built by the custom search interface are easier to build and have more sensible results, as they are built using a more intuitive logic.

happy bmo push day!

with the qa-contact migration, i forgot to do a bmo push report last week, so this covers both weeks.

the following changes have been pushed to

  • [769720] Allow tracking flags to be shown on Engineering* product:component
  • [770104] Fix “Use of uninitialized value in pattern match” warning
  • [769731] Rename the “Fennec Native” product to “Firefox for Android”
  • [684701] Add a “watch user” to components and make mandatory
  • [684171] add a “(take)” link to the QA Contact field
  • [766910] Changes in mentorship form of remo
  • [772302] Disable blocking-fennec1.0 for all bugs where it is unset
  • [771646] Pressing enter cancels component-picking [prod_comp_search_autocomplete]
  • [771739] Implement the component search facility from the bmo extension on the browse (describe components) page
  • [769152] “Web Apps” product security group should not be webtools-security
  • [764517] Clearing the list of keywords and then pressing Enter causes the first keyword to be submitted

qa contact – changes

there have been a few questions regarding the changes to the qa-contact field…

“i’ve stopped receiving bugmail; where can i go to fix that?”

best effort was made to ensure you continue to receive the same notifications, however you may have to change some of your email preferences due to the change in the trigger for bugmail.

ensure the “component” column and the “product or component changes” row in your email preferences configuration matches your expectations.

“why does bugzilla tell me that i’m not watching any components (yet i’m still receiving bugmail)?”

the decision was made to minimise changes to the system and to not migrate preferences from watching users to watching components directly.

behind the scenes, the component-watching extension adds the watch-user as a property of components, and performs the stitching required to ensure notifications are sent. you can see the watch-user on the component watching preferences tab:

“do i need to change my settings from watching users to watching components?”

no. watching a component’s watch-user and watching a component results in the same notifications being sent. the UI for component watching is much nicer than user watching, so you may want to migrate for that reason.

Mozilla Bugzilla 4.2 Upgrade Testing

The BMO team is happy to announce the first test release of the next version of based on the upstream 4.2 code base.

We are aiming to have the upgrade completed by 23rd July, 2012. Please let us know if that date will have any negative impact on development schedules.

Test it drive at

The database is a recent, sanitized snapshot of the live database so should be useful for testing to make sure the information is displayed properly and changeable. Being that is it sanitized, private bugs, products, groups, attachments, and comments will not be present, and some features which rely on groups will not function.

Please point your various scripts and third party applications that use the XMLRPC/JSON API at the test server to make sure they continue to function properly.
A test instance of the BzAPI is available for testing your tools that need it –

There are also numerous new features/fixes that are part of the upstream version 4.2. Some more notable updates include enhanced WebService support, UI enhancements, HTML email, and search improvements. For more detailed information on what has changed since the last upstream release, check out the full release notes page at

The code on the backend supporting search has changed significantly from 4.0 and special attention should be given to verify your saved searches still produce the expected results.

Email is disabled so that unnecessary spam is not sent out; feel free to make changes to bugs to verify proper working order of the UI. We can however enable email delivery to specific email addresses on request to test the new email features of Bugzilla.

We are asking for everyone to get involved as much as possible with testing and feedback.

File any bug reports in the production Bugzilla system in the product.


The BMO Team


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